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This part of My Millennialism- aka “The Blog” part is authored primarily by me- Jini.

Most of what you will see will be me responding to or addressing uninformed and/or hateful comments in regards to different issues of social justice, human rights, or current events in an extremely respectful manner. It’s my belief that IF someone is going to change their viewpoint, they need to be spoken to courteously and met where they are at in their current understanding. I know that we don’t all have the time to do that or, due to how strongly we feel, we can’t formulate a response that isn’t angry. So I’m going to do it for you! Share anything I write at any time, especially if it will help you reach someone in your life. If you ever have something you would like me to help you respond to– you can send it to me on the contact page and I’ll do my best to help out.

Additionally- I will also occasionally be posting resources for people who would like to be better allies or anti-racists, along with art or work (in multiple mediums) from people who are parts of marginalized communities. Furthering their representation and reach is a big step towards progress.

Disclaimer: Because I will frequently be addressing topics of race, I have a disclaimer I need to make- primarily to anyone who is part of the community of People of Color. I realize that I’m White. I am not trying to speak FOR anybody and I’ll do my best to reflect that with how I write. It is also NOT my intention to be a white savior…I know you all don’t need that. I’m just trying to be anti-racist. I know that due to my skin color, I sometimes have the privilege of being heard when someone else might not be. So, I’m hoping to use that privilege to make a positive difference, if I can.

If at any time, somebody feels that I’ve written something that misrepresents them or a community they are a part of, or that I’ve said something hurtful or racist, please let me know. While my feelings are important in other contexts, in this particular one- they are not. I am constantly trying to learn more and do better, but I know I’ll make mistakes. All I want to do is not repeat the same ones…So please- call me out at any time. I’ll listen, hear you, and I’ll work on fixing myself.

Elijah McClain

Recently, a friend posted a reminder about Eliah McClain- the sweet massage therapist from Colorado who was murdered by police in 2019. I put that in bold because…it is more than half-way through 2021 now and after seeing that small reminder, I realized- “I haven’t heard much about that lately…and nothing to say that justiceContinue reading “Elijah McClain”

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